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Recent Newsletter:

 Birds Are Our Feathered Friends
Somewhere in all of us lies a nature lover and in New Zealand, we have some unique species of birds.  While some migrate from distant shores each year, there are so many more we are familiar with that live in and around our own backyards. I have some interesting titles arriving in March for you to explore the wonders of the avian world at your leisure.  
The Birds At My Table
Darryl Jones is fascinated by bird feeders. Not the containers supplying food to our winged friends, but the people who fill the containers, scatter the crumbs or seeds, or leave the picnic scraps behind for the birds.Here, Jones takes us on a wild flight through the history of bird feeding as he ponders this odd but seriously popular form of interaction between humans and wild animals. Jones digs at the deeper issues and questions of the practice of bird feeding, as he raises our awareness of the things we don't yet know and why we really should. More... $34.99
The World of Birds
A beautifully illustrated guide to every aspect of bird life and a complete survey of the world's orders and families of birds. It explore the wonders of the avian world with this ultimate reference book. The World of Birds is a spectacular guide to every aspect of bird life and a concise survey of the world's orders and families. Highly respected ornithologist and wildlife expert, Jonathan Elphick, begins by defining the distinguishing features of birds before going on to describe their evolution since the age of the dinosaurs. More... $110.00
Birds In Their Habitats
This is a book of the discovery of birds and the places they live. Everywhere we go there are birds, and they all have mysteries to be unravelled. These mysteries include the way they look, from bizarre to apparently mundane, why they live where they live, and the things they do, many of which are far too incredible to even be imagined as fiction. Birds in Their Habitats is a collection of stories and experiences, which introduce fascinating aspects of birdlife, ecology, and behaviour. Informed by a wealth of historical and contemporary research Ian Fraser takes the reader on a journey through four continents:  more... $47.99

Vanished and Vanishing Parrots

Parrots are among the most distinctive and beautiful birds in the world. They are also among the most endangered bird groups, threatened by habitat loss through land clearance, the trapping of adults, and the taking of chicks from the nest for the international live-bird trade. A number of species are currently in danger of extinction.

Vanished and Vanishing Parrots is a comprehensive reference on species that have become extinct or are in danger of becoming extinct. The book is organised into three regional sections, the Australasian Distribution, more...$180.00