The Weta Volume 46, December 2013

Author(s): Entomological Society of NZ


This is the news bulletin of the Entomological Society of New Zealand. The Weta promotes the study of the biology, ecology, taxonomy and control of insects and arachnids in an Australasian setting. The purpose of the bulletin is to provide a forum in which amateur and professional entomologists can record observations, news, views and the results of smaller research projects. Two issues are published in most years. 

The New Zealand Entomologist is a refereed journal that publishes original scientific articles that are of significance to New Zealand entomology. The subject may include insects, arachnids and any other terrestrial invertebrates. It is the official publication of the Entomological Society of New Zealand (Inc.). The Weta is the Society's news bulletin containing articles on entomological observations, techniques, reviews, and events.

Product Information

John Leader
Pages: 1–3

Research article
Hedgerow plants to support crop pollination and pest management
Brad G. Howlett, Melanie M. Davidson, Diana Mathers, Nick B. Pyke
Pages: 3–12

Research article
Ecological observations of the eastern Volcanic Plateau endemic grassmoth Orocrambus jansoni
Brian Patrick and Hamish Patrick
Pages: 13–19

Research article
Non-target host use by the broom seed beetle Bruchidius villosus (F.) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) in Canterbury
Pauline Syrett and Rowan M. Emberson
Pages: 20–27

Research article
Investigation of a data deficient moth taxon: Agrotis cerpachoides
Brian Patrick
Pages: 28–37

Research article
Notes on the oviposition preferences of Uresiphita maorialis (Felder & Rogenholder) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) on three Sophora species in laboratory conditions
Enrique A. Mundaca
Pages: 38–43

Research article
The most southern specimen of the Giraffe Weevil Lasiorhynchus barbicornis (Curculionidae; Brentidae; Brentinae) found in the Hollyford Valley, Fiordland
M. Shields
Pages: 44–45

Research article
Very early mid-August 2013 occurrence of live adult male and female Pison spinolae (Smith, 1856) (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in Otago and Canterbury
A. C. Harris
Pages: 46–48

WANTED: Live Chelifer cancroides (Pseudoscorpiones)
Barry Donovan
Pages: 49–50

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