Hydroponic Gardening A Practical guide to growing plants without Soil

Author(s): Lon Dalton


This is the book that will get you started in hydroponics. More than just a discussion of the topic, 'HYDROPONIC GARDENING' provides the reader with complete background information on hydroponics, explains the different systems and how they work, then shows the reader in a step by step guide, how to set those systems up. A growing guide is included showing you what to grow and how to grow it hydroponically. This book is an invaluable guide to understanding, setting up and running hydroponic systems for both the home gardener and the commercial grower. The product of the knowledge of two of New Zealand's leading advocates of hydroponics, The late Lon Dalton's experience in hydroponic growing is coupled with Rob Smith's technical expertise in the design of electronic control equipment. As Lon and Rob always kept track of the latest developments in hydroponics this book is a must for would be hydroponic gardeners anywhere in the world.

Revised Deluxe Edition

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LON DALTON (1926 -1999) was one of lifes positive thinkers, he had always held an interest in the possibilities of 'Hydroponic' gardening. A man of many and varied pursuits in the game of life, Lon had been a director of several successful companies both in new Zealand and in the islands of the Pacific. Many years ago Lon decided to have a go at the subject that for so long had fascinated him, like so many others, he studied the information which had been published on the subject, and proceeded to build his first hydroponic garden. His home was one big hydroponic garden, with every conceivable type of system growing the widest possible variety of plants, from grapes, limes and roses to potatoes, pumpkin and watercress. Lon became involved with Rob Smith and between the two, N.Z. Hydroponics was formed, a company which would fill all the gaps that Lon had found to his cost, faced anyone who wanted to get into the world of hydroponics. This book continues to reflect much of Lon's enthusiasm and knowledge of the wonderful world of Hydroponics. Rob Smith commenced his apprenticeship in the Electrical Industry in 1956 and worked his way up in that Industry, until he gained the highest Qualification of Technician/Inspector in 1971. He has been involved with major Industrial Electrical Installations such as Export Cool Stores, and meat works, and in the position of Consultant Electrical Engineer to Toyota (N.Z.) Ltd. being responsible for assembly Plant Automation Design. Early in 1977 he was requested by a Fertilizer Company to design and build a Commercial Hydroponic Controller, since none was available World Wide. After four months of intensive research of the subject he set to and constructed the very first purpose made Hydroponic Controller, which was installed at the largest New Zealand Tomato Growers property at South Auckland N.Z. Since 1977 Rob has continued to develop sophisticated Electronic controls for all types of Industry. Hydroponics remains a strong love and their old company continues to produce a wide range of Controllers, meters and systems with the emphasis being upon reliability and simplicity of operation. The world renowned C.F. Truncheon, 'Dipstick' and 'Quickdip' are good examples of the technology Rob presented to the industry. Now in the new millennium and also in semi retirement, Rob concentrates upon his love of performing Jazz on his Tenor Saxophone, however still continues to write, including being a regular contributor to the prestigious 'Growing Edge' magazine and consulting to the industry.

Introduction -- How Plants Work -- How to Grow Hydroponically -- The Nutrient Formula -- Important Aspects of Hydroponic Growing -- The Basic Hydroponic Systems -- Testing Nutrient Solutions -- Equipment -- Setting up a System -- Hints on Running your System -- Planting in Hydroponic Systems -- Glossary

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