To Fell A Tree


To Fell a Tree by Jeff Jepson - a complete guide to successful free felling and wood cutting methods. To Fell a Tree is the most complete guide you'll find on the subject. Step-by-step methods and instructions covering work hazards, chainsaw safety, protective equipment, protecting people and property, notches and back cuts, felling storm damaged trees, moving limbs and logs and even methods for splitting and stacking wood. Over 200 illustrations by Bryan Kotwica. A must read for every professional arborist or forestry worker.


Additional Features:

  • Compact A5 'pocket' size for many hours of reading and reference

  • Over 160 pages covering tools of the trade, climbing techniques and knots

  • Introduction to Tree Felling, Site Assessment and Preparation

  • Felling Cuts and Retreat

  • How to Fell Difficult Trees

  • Methods for Limbing and Bucking Felled Trees

  • Removing Limbs and Logs from the Site

  • Advanced Techniques for Splitting and Stacking

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