Author(s): SHIGO ALEX


Tree Anatomy is about the parts and structures of the tree system. It is about the beautiful and marvelous ways they are connected. The majesty and beauty of trees are shown from the inside, with close-up views taken under the microscope at low power, 8 to 64 X.

Tree Anatomy is a beautiful, durable, and useful book for all people who care for trees and care about trees. The large color photos and brief captions make it easy to read and understand. A perfect complement to biology and tree anatomy classes.

Here are just a few points you will see and learn more about:

  • The beauty of small flowers and their anatomy

  • Chlorophyll in young bark, in fissues in bark on old trees

  • The wondrous world of soil fungi

  • Mycorrhizae, actinorhizae and root hairs

  • Barrier zones and reaction zones in tropical trees

  • The orderly connected parts of the tree system

Size: 12.5" x 9" x .5"





Tree Anatomy, the book, AND Tree Anatomy Below Ground DVD   Sold as one unit (Book can be sold seperately for $160.00

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