Bark: An Intimate Look at the World's Trees

Author(s): Cedric Pollet

1. Trees - General

This extraordinary book is the culmination of ten years of photography dedicated to finding the most beautiful examples of tree bark around the globe. Here are the most spectacular, striking and remarkable examples of bark found across the five continents. Each image is a work of art in itself, and is accompanied by a photograph of the tree in its natural environment, along with information about its origins and uses. Cedric Pollet has combined his scientific background and his passion for plants to create a highly informative text, which compliments the beauty of his photographs. Already a bestseller in France, where it was awarded the Redoute Prix Artistique for 2009, Bark will delight and inspire any nature lover.

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Product Information

'Your book is fabulous' Ron Determan, Atlanta Botanical Garden

With a background in landscape design, Cedric Pollet is a nature photographer fascinated by the incredible beauty found in tree bark. Ten years ago, he took the slightly unorthodox decision to devote his professional life to photographing it. As a result he has travelled through 25 countries, and today he makes his living from his reports, photo prints, exhibitions and educational workshops. Cedric lives in Nice, in the South of France.

Europe Section : Betula pendula : Silver Birch Platanus x acerifolia : London Plane Tree Taxus baccata : Yew Populus alba : White Poplar Castanea sativa : Sweet Chestnut Olea europaea : Olive Pinus pinaster : Maritime Pine Pinus pinea : Umbrella Pine Quercus suber : Cork Oak Arbutus andrachne : Grecian Strawberry Tree America Section : Sequioadendron giganteum : Giant Sequoia Betula papyrifera : Paper Birch Taxodium distichum : Baldcypress Ficus aurea : Florida Strangler Fig Bursera simaruba : Gumbo Limbo Sabal palmetto : Cabbage Palm Roystonea regia : Cuban Royal Palm Arbutus menziesii : Pacific Madrone Sequoia sempervirens : Coast Redwood Arctostaphylos obispoensis : San Luis Obispo Manzanita Cupressus glabra : Smooth Arizona Cypress Pinus longaeva : Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Parkinsonia florida : Blue Palo verde Fouquieria splendens : Ocotillo Washingtonia robusta : Mexican Fan Palm Nolina longifolia : Oaxacan Pony Tail Acacia sphaerocephala : Bull's Horn Acacia Psidium guajava : Guava Carica papaya : Papaya Pseudobombax ellipticum : Shaving Brush Tree Ceiba pentandra : Kapok Tree Guaiacum officinale : Guaiac Heva brasiliensis : Rubber Tree Polylepis australis : Tabaquillo Myrtus luma : Chilean Myrtle Oceania Section : Cyathea medullaris : Black Tree Fern Agathis australis : New Zealand Kauri Xanthorrhoea australis : Grass Tree Eucalyptus coccifera : Tasmanian Snow Gum Eucalyptus spathulata : Swamp Mallet Eucalyptus camaldulensis : River Red Gum Eucalyptus sclerophylla : Hard-leaved Scribbly Gum Eucalyptus dorrigoensis : Dorrigo White Gum Angophora costata : Sydney Red Gum Corymbia maculata : Spotted Gum Corymbia citriodora : Lemon-scented Gum Melaleuca quinquenervia : Broad-leaved Paperbarks Brachychiton rupestris : Bottle Tree Araucaria cunninghamii : Hoop Pine Asia Section : Phyllostachys pubescens : Moso Bamboo Eucalyptus deglupta : Rainbow Eucalyptus Metroxylon sagu : Sago Palm Cyrtostachys renda : Lipstick Palm Ficus benjamina : Weeping Fig Cinnamomum verum : Ceylon Cinnamon Musa basjoo : Japanese Banana Prunus serrula : Tibetan Cherry Betula albosinensis : Chinese Red Birch Betula utilis : Himalayan Birch Zelkova sinica : Chinese Zelkova Pinus bungeana : Lacebark Pine Stewartia pseudocamellia : Japanese Stewartia Lagerstroemia 'Natchez' : 'Natchez' Crape Myrtle Acer griseum : Paperbark Maple Acer davidii : Pere David's Maple Parrotia persica : Persian Ironwood Gleditsia caspica : Caspian Locust Africa Section : Adansonia digitata : African Baobab Dracaena cinnabari : Dragon's Blood Tree Boswellia elongata : Frankincense Tree Sterculia africana var. socotrana : Soqotri Star-chestnut Adenium socotranum : Soqotri Desert Rose Ensete ventricosum : Abyssinian Banana Ravenala madagascariensis : Traveler's Tree Borassus aethiopium : African Palmyra Palm Bismarckia nobilis : Bismarck Palm Adansonia rubrostipa : Fony Baobab Pachypodium geayi : Madagascar Palm Euphorbia plagiantha : Flank-flowered Spurge Commiphora marlothii : Paper-bark Corkwood Aloe dichotoma : Quiver Tree Cyphostemma juttae : Namibian Grape

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  • : 9780711231375
  • : Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
  • : Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
  • : August 2010
  • : 330mm X 245mm X 24mm
  • : United Kingdom
  • : February 2017
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