Identification Guide to Coleoptera Adults Intercepted on Trade Pathways Bulletin 16
Author:Franz-Rudolf Schnitzler, Rebecca Campbell, Lalith Kumarasinghe, Dave Voice, Sherly George
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Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates 1775-1985
Author:Graeme W Ramsay and Trevor K Crosby
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Drawings of NZ Insects
Author:Desmond Helmore
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Guide to New Zealand Entomology
Author:Graeme W. Ramsay, Pritam Singh
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Guide to the Aquatic Insects of New Zealand - 4th Edition
Author:Michael J Winterbourn, Katharine L D Gregson, & Craig H Dolphin
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Identification guide to Lepidoptera Larvae Intercepted on Trade Pathways
Author: Franz-Rudolf Schnitzler, James Maxwell Haw, Lalith Kumarasinghe, Sherly George
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New Zealand Applied Entomology
Author:Editor: RR Scott
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Photographing Insects
Author:Bruce B Given
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